Suzanne is working again today, for the second day straight. That means Nanna takes Ashton to school, and Jett spends the day with Nanna and Poppa who are both (mostly) retired. Suzanne feels a bit guilty about this in a number of ways. Firstly, the imposition on Nanna to drive down to our place to take care of business. And secondly, she feels that she is abandoning Jett in favour of work.

This is true, but it’s certainly not an awfuly terrible thing. I pointed out that Jett is very happy when spending time at Nanna’s, and that Nanna is more than happy to look after him. She has commented that he is very well behaved, mostly does his own thing unsupervised, eats all the food given to him and is very talkative. So, as a once off (or twice off as this is by no means full time, permanent work) it is working well. If it were to become a problem with either Nanna or Jett, then Suzanne may need to decline work occasionally.


So, I’m working for a new company called Jiva. Jiva provides solutions for businesses in maximising the value of their web presence. We sell a range of domain name hosting services, from the basic domain “park and point” to the highest end corporate merchant solution. It’s a startup, and so there is a lot of work involved. Jiva is a subsiduary of the company I used to work for, iiNet. Working for Jiva will provide a lot of opportunities and should be fun.