The future of live events

Around 8 million people tuned in last night on YouTube to watch Felix Baumgartner’s amazing space jump from the Red Bull Stratos balloon. This record beats the last record by a factor of 16, being the London 2012 Olympic Games.

This is the future of live events. When something is allowed to broadcast free of geographic restrictions and artificial tape delays, the audience goes global. When traditional media is allowed to converge with social networks, anything can become a shared moment.

Fantastic job by YouTube, being able to handle such a huge amount of bandwidth seamlessly.



Stirling Moss in a 1959 Cooper Climax T51

Here’s a video from 1986 of Stirling Moss in a Cooper T51. Cooper had the engine behind the driver and in front of the back axle, a Formula One design that hasn’t changed for over 50 years. It’s an historic car that probably doesn’t get as much kudos as it deserves. Also, my dad knew Stirling Moss from his own racing days.


Sir Jack Brabham had his first win at the 1959 Monaco GP in the Cooper Climax T51, which was a big deal at the time as it was the first race of the season and everybody was watching. He went on to become the ’59 and ’60 World Driver’s Champion.