Edmonton Oilers wallpaper

Edmonton Oilers 1920x1200 wallpaperEven though the Oilers are out of the Cup playoffs for another year, I’m still an Edmonton fan. This wallpaper brings a bit of a tear to the eye.

After the Oilers drop out I usually support whatever Canadian teams are left. It so happens this year that Montreal, seeded 8th in the East, overcame 1st seed Washington in the first round and then went on to a hard fought series win over Pittsburgh in the second round. Round three, or what we’d call the semi-finals, sees Montreal taking on Philadelphia and they’re currently down one game. In speaking to other Hockey fans, I think it’s fair to say that Montreal is considered the most prestigious team of the League, the team everyone wants to play for when they’re a kid. Kind of like Collingwood or Carlton in the AFL. If they make it to the Final, I think I’ll have to see about taking a few days off work and find a friend with Foxtel. GO HABS GO!

Sports weekend

The winding Monaco streetraceSo, the poor Dockers didn’t win which drops them from second to third on the Premiership Ladder, equal second with Geelong but behind on percentage. They stayed competitive for about 2 thirds of the game but eventually were handed a reality check to their fairytale start to 2o1o.

On a more positive note, Mark Webber is starting at pole position for the Monaco Grand Prix, which means that he is likely to win since passing in Monaco is very hard. Webber squeaked ahead of Kubica’s 1m 14.120s qualifying time with 1m 14.104s, but then slammed in the only sub-1m 14s lap of the weekend with 1m 13.826s to throw the issue beyond doubt. It was his second consecutive pole and his third of the season, and Red Bull’s sixth. It starts in half an hour, but I dunno if I’ll stay up to the end as it’s probably the most boring single auto race outside America. They really need to take out the chicane after the tunnel

Fremantle: not in Kansas any more

Fremantle DockersWho would have ever thought we’d read or hear the phrase “Top of the table clash with Fremantle“? Certainly not me. Collingwood and Fremantle are both on 24 points, a game clear of 4 other teams on 20 points. Fremantle happen to be playing Collingwood tonight, so if the Dockers win then they’ll be outright leaders for the first time in history. It’s all very strange and unfamiliar territory.

I’m sure the Dockers are a cursed team. In 15 seasons, they’ve finished about 12th out of 16 teams on average. They had only 2 season where they won more games than theve lost. They’ve only ever won one wooden spoon which came in 2001 which, I guess, is a positive. They’ve appeared in the post season only twice, winning one game and losing three. They’re the only team never to have won a premiership. To compare, Port Adelaide has been playing for around the same amount of seasons and has finished on top of the ladder twice, and has won a premiership. What is probably the lowpoint of the club came last year, when they managed only one goal against Adelaide.

But 2010 is a new year and a new opportunity. I know where I’ll be tonight: glued to the TV hoping for another Dockers win.

Yellow belt, baby

Ashton with her yellow beltAshton had her grading the week before last, and found out this week that she passed and scored her yellow belt! Well done, little girl. Jett has decided that he wants to do Taekwondo as well, and joined in this week. I’m not sure that he’s ready, but the teacher is quite willing to take him (and our money). It might be good for him. At least it will tire him out a little for bed two nights a week.

2010 Teamcoach Fremantle Commons

I always like the Teamcoach sets. I’ve never actually played the game at the website, but I’ve collected them each year. I’ve not payed more than $15 per team set, including the Prize sets. The common sets are usually around $3 off ebay. Fremantle are generally cheaper than any other team. Because they suck. There I said it. As usual, action shot on the front with a generic back.

2010 Teamcoach Fremantle commons

Friends in fast places

I am now friends with Mark Webber, the DNF man

I logged into facebook and found that Mark Webber had accepted a friend request I made. I can’t actually remember when I made the request, but it seems he’s finally got around to hiring someone to start bulk accepting them. So it’s good to know I’m one of his 2600 closest friends. I’ll invite him over for dinner next time he’s in town.

Derp Derp

I’m also friends with Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki who probably makes the best use of Facebook and Twitter of anyone I’ve seen. He invites people to hit him up on these during his live radio show on Triple J and sometimes gets good feedback.

I can’t remember how, but I managed to become friends with Sara Ramirez at one point. It was interesting watching her profile and how she attempted to manage the many “I luv u so much” posts on her wall. To her credit she gave it a good go, but it lasted only a few weeks before she bailed out. Facebook isn’t really the place for celebrities especially if they want privacy.

Also, I heard my sister’s cat got run over last night. Very sad as Natalie really loves her animals.

A night spent at Subiaco Oval

I took Ashton with her Nanna to the footy to see Port Adelaide playing West Coast at Subiaco Oval tonight. Not the best seats in the house, and not only because I could not physically wedge myself into my seat. Not that I should complain too much because they were free seats, loaned to us by a friend who was going away for the weekend. We took sandwiches and drinks, and we rode on the train for free so it turned out to be an inexpensive night, but not a good night if you are and Eagles fan. I think Ashton was a bit overwhelmed by so many people and how, shall we say, “enthusiastic” they all were. It ended up being a long night as we got home at about 10:30pm. Eagles cost me a point in the tipping, too. Hmph.

2010 Select Fremantle Revelation Gems

In honour of Fremantle’s first win of the season (and costing me a perfect 8 in the footy tipping) here’s the 2o10 Revelation Gems cards for Stephen Hill and Hayden Ballantyne. They actually played really well, which is surprising and promising. Rookie Michael Barlow had a good game, with plenty of possessions and a couple goals. At this rate, he’ll be a shoe-in for the 2010 series 2 Fremantle Rookie Signature card.

2010 Select Gem Revelations Hill and Ballantyne

Green tip

Ashton did her first Taekwondo test on Tuesday and got the results tonight: she passed! She had to perform the first 8 steps of the “Basic Pattern” in front of her teacher, Master Kim, and a couple other of his helpers. It was all very formal, and probably quite daunting but she gave it a good go. She also did a few other tests of basic form including low, middle and roundhouse kicks. For most kids, though, these all seemed to result in one kind of indistinct kick, even for the yellow and blue belts.

But anyway, she’s pretty happy she got this small achievement!