First on 3

So we got our phones this week. They are pretty handy, but take a while to learn how to use. The imaging and video are fairly low quality but are handy in a pinch for taking photos and vision. They also have ‘To Do’ lists, reminders, alarms and lots of that PDA jazz. All this functionality comes at a price, though: you’d be lucky to get through one day on a charge if you play with your phone too much. Luckily our phones come with two batteries, and another high capacity battery and second charger for each phone are on their way.

My first photoThe first photo I took with the phone was of myself, naturally. This is at the smallest size with the lowest quality, and ends up being 1447 bytes. An idea I’ve had for an arty web site is one showing pictures I’ve taken with my phone.

I’ve had reason to call 3 tech support twice now, and have found them to be very friendly and helpful. First, I wasn’t sure of my SIM password. Second, I wasn’t sure on the procedure to transfer data between the PC and the phone. Both of these issues have been resolved now, and I am a happy user. I’ve discovered that I can download midi files from the Internet and upload them to my phone and use them as ring tones. Thing is, polyphonic ring tones need to be single channel, or type zero. Most of the midi files on the Internet are multi channel, or type one. I need to find a converter because I have some cute Star Wars midi files from the games I used to play.