You may ask yourself “How did I get here?”

So I’m currently reading a book called How Music Works by David Byrne of Talking Heads fame. Great read so far… thankfully not too autobiographical but an interesting investigation into music styles based on history, technology and sociology. Anyhow, there’s line from a song called Once in a Lifetime, “How did I get here?” I thought it’d be a good question to ask of everyone reading this here little blog.

So, I turned to Google Analytics which tells me that in the last year people have landed here by searching mostly for:

  • Venus Surface
  • Pale Blue Dot
  • Spud Shed
  • Michael Palin
  • Brian Hoover
It’s nice to know people are looking for me, but why do none of you ever say “hello”?
Among the more surprising search terms which have lead people here in the last year are:
  • rule 13
  • how to bring down a web server
  • how does singing in mandarin work
  • i’m a preop transgender female
  • is mandurah train station real?
That last one just boggles my mind.