The best movie soundtracks

As you know I like movies. And I like music. Though I enjoy most movies and music, I have specific tastes in both. Sometimes, but not often, the two come together to form the perfect movie soundtrack. These are my favourites.

Blade Runner.

 It took an eternity for this soundtrack to be released. I owned a couple sub-par imitations of this soundtrack by the New American Orchestra and others, so every time I visited my local “reccastow” I’d search for the real deal. It wasn’t until about 15 years after the movie that this was actually released, but the wait was worth it. The entire album is laden with atmosphere and seduction, and each track flows into the next with well placed movie dialog. It’s a perfect companion to the best film ever made, and my favourite music to lose myself to when travelling on the train.

Paris, Texas.

When have so few notes said so much as when Ry Cooder’s slide guitar introduces Harry Dean Stanton emerging, parched, from the desert? Cooder adds another whole dimension to an already somber movie about a tortured soul with perfectly timed flowing musical commentary.

Tron Legacy

Daft Punk’s original score fits like a perfectly crafted digital glove over the hand of the perfect digital fantasy woman.

The Crow.

The hard driving, edgy, alt-rock tracks on this non-score movie soundtrack album with a mix of grunge, industrial and alternative perfectly captures the angsty atmosphere of the film. I understand that when the movie came out none of these tracks were available on regular albums. They were specifically created (chosen, at least) for this movie. The album punishes you one moment, and soothes you the next. As a soundtrack of independent songs brought together, it is unsurpassed.


A friend recommended this soundtrack to me, and thinking that I knew better I decided to be polite and give it a listen so I’d stop being pestered. After one listen, though, I knew that this was going to be among my top five favourite soundtracks.Well, half of it anyhow. Most of the contents aren’t standalone pieces but need to be taken as a whole to work well. It wasn’t until I saw the movie the other night that I was impressed with how good this soundtrack really is. It perfectly matches the dark, brooding and intense atmosphere of this violent film. I highly recommend Drive as a soundtrack and a movie if you like music and film.

This what you’d call the “signature track”, I guess. Night Call by Kavinsky. Enjoy.