Settling into our new place

Five stages of no internetSo I think we have mostly settled into our new place. The novelty has worn off, the excitement has dimmed somewhat and it’s back to life as usual which involves working like a mongrel dog. I think it’s wearing a bit thin for the kids as well as they aren’t all that enthusiastic about getting up earlier and travelling for 40 mins each way to school and back. It’s a lot different to Atwell where we crossed the road to get to school.

The only thing left on our to-do list now is subscribe to Internet. The phone wasn’t connected when we moved in, so we needed to pay $299 to Telstra to get the phone up and running. I contend that the owner should bear this cost, not us because it’s anĀ improvementĀ I’m making to his home which I’m not going to enjoy later on. But, he’s not budging so we had to do it ourselves. It’s unfortunate for us that we are the first ones to move into the brand spanking new house.

The phone was connected today and I got an excited call at work from Suzanne when I reminded her she can now get some Internet action happening. But this is another area where I think I’m getting screwed over a bit; this is a closed shop, a “Digital Village” type of setup from Telstra which means that we cannot get phone or Internet service from anyone else. What is attractive is that Internet is delivered by optical fibre, not ADSL. Therefore I don’t think that I need nor should I have to pay for a phone line. But Telstra assure me that I’ll need to pay a monthly fee for a phone line I’ll really never use so that I can have an optical fibre Internet service. It’s been about 8 years since I worked for an ISP, but I’m pretty sure that we provisioned this kind of setup at Ellenbrook or some other new development independently from PSTN. I might be wrong, but I still think I should be able to get one without the other.

And besides that, Bigpond charges and caps aren’t all that attractive. $50 a month for 12GB? C’mon, a mate of mine in Canada complains that 300GB isn’t enough for his $40 a month. How am I supposed to get by with just 12GB?

Oh, and almost a month without Internet is a pain in the ass.