San Francisco

Here I am in “Sunny California”, only it’s not so sunny right now. It’s cold, wet and miserable. I don’t travel well, and it usually takes a good week for me to recover from jet lag. I left Sydney around 1pm on Friday, flew 13 hours to San Francisco at 88 mph and arrived 8:30am on Friday. How’s that for time travel.

Actually, we circled SFO for an extra hour or so because Air Force 1 carrying President Obama was there. I don’t know if he was coming or going. I had hoped to see his plane when I landed but the arrivals area doesn’t have many airfield-facing windows. I think if I had stopped to look around I might have been pulled aside for questioning by overenthusiastic security personnel.

I was disappointed, too, that I wasn’t subject to one of those famous TSA gropings I’ve heard about. I don’t see why you can’t enjoy getting groped and I was quite looking forward to it. Maybe on the way back?

I was supposed to go into the office on Friday afternoon but after a shower and a quick trip to get some supplies I thought I’d watch a bit of TV. I must have instantly dozed off, and when I woke it was 7pm. Oops.

So I went out and had dinner. Fast food here is so cheap it’s ridiculous. I can see I’m going to have fun with Subway’s $5 menu. I had a $5 Chicken and Bacon Ranch which normally costs $10.50 in Perth.

After dinner I didn’t feel tired so I watched watched TV, Skyped home and played around until I was tired which was midnight. I went to sleep thinking that I’d wake up at 7am and check the weather and maybe go out exploring but I didn’t actually wake until 1pm. And it has been constantly raining all day. Not a heavy rain, but somewhere between a constant drizzle and a light shower. Anyhow enough to dissuade me from venturing far. I ended up to walking out to Wal-Mart to find some Star Wars toys. Hehe. I was also hoping to catch an NHL game but lower deck tickets to see the San Jose Sharks are $145. About $100 too much for me. I’ll try calling home again, and go out for another Subway tonight and see what tomorrow brings.