Places to not eat at

We made the mistake of going out to dinner with our neighbours on the weekend. Well, no. Going out wasn’t the mistake, nor was the company we kept. The mistake was in choosing our local Chinese restaurant called, imaginatively, ¬†Murray Lakes Chinese Restaurant. describes the ambience as “Relaxed, Contemporary”. Whoever came up with this description, I hope they find God someday. There’s nothing contemporary about the decor, as there are no decorations at all. Actually, there’s one or two Chinese lanterns hanging on one but if there’s a word to describe this I wouldn’t think it was “contemporary”.

I’ve never been moved to review or rate restaurants, mostly because I consider restaurant reviewers to have only slightly more credibility than used car salesmen and should be treated with the contempt they deserve. But this meal was so awful that I could not in good conscience leave fellow neighbourhood diners unwarned. Here is a review I left on Google:

No part of our¬†experience with this restaurant was positive. The first giveaway should have been that it was empty on a Saturday night, which is usually a restaurant’s busiest time. We were a party of 12. The dishes were dirty when we sat down, and so were the replacements. Our orders were taken efficiently enough as nobody asked questions on the menu content, but the food arrived at random time intervals. “Who ordered the chicken …. something? I don’t know how to say it” was the funniest, yet most depressing line from the night. I didn’t get my entre, and one guy got nothing at all.

The food was, at best, edible.

A horrible experience.