New Shoes

So, I bought a new pair of shoes last week for the first time in about a year. I went for some boot style footwear this time around, and boy has it been a mistake so far. My feet get really hot, and for some reason the mother of all blisters has formed on my left heel. I made the mistake of taking the skin off it, but so far it has not succumbed to infection.

I see two solutions: First, don’t wear those shoes again. That will mean a waste of about $24 which I can almost live with. Second, invest in some kind of in-shoe footwear like fluffy socks (mine are threadbear which probably contributed to the formation of the blister) or moleskin or elastoplast or polypropeline or some other kind of wicking fabric, although I don’t think moisture was a factor.

I’ll hit Target today during lunch.

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