Music to make love to

I like music. And I like music playing when I’m “loving my wife in a very special way“. Most people have a list of tracks they rattle off when talking about their favourite songs to make love to. It might be songs from their youth, or the song that was playing when they first met their partner’s eyes across a crowded room. Or it could be a song that just “fits” somehow, stirring the right emotions. I don’t have such a list of songs. I’m more of an album kinda guy. Hey that’s right, ladies. It’s how I roll.

To this end, here are some of my favourite soundtracks to listen to while performing nocturnal marital duties. You’re not going to find any Barry White here:

Mezzanine by Massive Attack: This album manages to create a broad spectrum of emotions. It’s got ups and downs, it’s got fast beats and slow ones. All this culminates in the final act: Group Four. Seriously, between this and 100th Window if Massive Attack is rockin’, don’t bother knockin’.

High Times: Singles 1992-2006 by Jamiroquai: To hate Jamiroquai is to hate life itself. Jay Kay has the moves, the grooves and his tongue in his cheek and listening to the best of usually rubs off on the listener in good ways.

Adore by Smashing Pumpkins: Skip the first track, but from track two onwards you’ve got the makings of the perfect kinky bonking album.

Casual Gods by Jerry Harrison: Despite the dark but thoughtful and intelligent lyrics, it’s a great album to put on late at night. The music is hypnotic and layered, seductive and subtle.

Other noteables: Dummy by Portishead, Back in Black by AC/DC, The Crow soundtrack, Amnesiac by Radiohead.

Give them ago. You won’t be disappointed.