Another thing the movies got wrong about the future

So there’s an article on about today being celebrated as “Back to the Future” day, but it turns out that it’s all wrong or a hoax or somesuch. Doc Brown programs the world’s most stylish time machine to visit the future by setting a specific date. But whoever started this bandwagon got the date wrong. Instead of 5-July-2010 it should be 21-Oct-2015. I’ve already got this queued as a future blog entry so check back in five years. Hehe.

Anyhow, Back to the Future got a number of things wrong. Not in the least hoverboards. I want my hoverboard! But it also failed to predict western society’s unquenchable thirst for the elixir from the fountain of youth. Pure, unadulterated Botox. Compare a 47 year old Marty McFly to a 49 year old Michael J. Fox

Marty McFly and Michael J. Fox

How could Robert Zemeckis have known that in the future we’d all look like RealDolls. At least those who we look up to most, those who would be our role models: Celebrities.