MDWebHosting are idiots

I seriously need to find a new web hosting place. A few months ago they managed to lose a domain for me. Apparently it was because I paid the invoice late. It turns out the reason the invoice was paid late was because it was generated late.

So I paid it, thinking that my domain was safe and that’d be it. But one morning I find my domain pointing to some other rubbish parking service.

The domain was never renewed, so someone else registered it and I’ll never get it back without paying a lot of unnecessary bucks. Lucky it was a throwaway test domain and not a critical one like During the same week they managed to lose all my SQL databases including the galleries I had been running. It took me years of work to set those up and I was very disappointed. Luckily the mailing lists and aliases remained intact which is positive. It shows I need to take responsibility for backing up my own work and not relying on a bunch of clueless idiots.