Our 2012 Monaco Grand Prix meal

So Formula 1 visited Monaco on the weekend which allowed us to research and eat all things Monegasque. We learned that Monaco is a tiny country, less than 2 square kilometers making it about as big as our little suburb and just large enough to host a race track. Most workers come from neighbouring France and Italy, and so their cuisine is mostly of French and Italian influence. We went with a platter of exotic cheeses, meats, breads and dips plus some caviar. Perhaps what you’d expect to serve on your luxury yacht before hitting the casinos. We had this while watching the Eagles give the Dockers a lesson at Subiaco, as the race was a little late for the kids to stay up and watch.

Monegasque cuisine, in a pinchMark Webber was on pole, and raced perfectly to lead a train of 6 other contenders across the line for his first win of 2012. In doing so, he’s the sixth winner from the first six races which is something that hasn’t happened before. It gave him a bag of points and puts him right into contention for 2012, only a few points down on current leader Alonso.

Next up is the Grand Prix du Canada for which I plan on Poutine, a very evil but tasty dish.