Tron Legacy looks awesome

Tron LegacyHead over to for a nice hi-def advance teaser trailer for the movie “Tron Legacy”. It looks really sweet. Tron is one movie I’ve always wanted to be redone with advanced CGI.

I’d also love the old Battlestar Galactica flight scenes to be redone. The series had the same 5-6 shots over and over again, while cutting to a hand on a flight-stick. The imagery never seemed to match the dialog. They’ve done it with the original Star Trek series and that looks pretty sweet. You don’t want to over-do it, but full flight scenes and some subtle additions to other scenes would make it much more watchable. Star Wars is probably a good example of overdoing it, or doing at least some parts wrong. For example, replacing Seb Shaw with Hayden Christiansen in the final scene made no sense.