Tom Hardy is Charlie Bronson

Short review:

Longer review: I’ve seen this called “A Clockwork Orange for the 21st Century”, a curious comparison that other movies may seek and others shy away from. You’ll love A Clockwork Orange for its bizarre, stylized violence and probably hate it for the same reason.

Bronson┬átakes a leaf from the same page, though I don’t feel that the comparison to Kubrick’s masterpiece does either of these films justice. Bronson is based on the real life “Charlie Bronson“, an Englishman known as “Britain’s most violent criminal” and unfolds as more of a biography than a drama. Charlie only ever wanted to be famous, and in between his violent exploits of bashing the absolute crap out of almost everyone he meets and generally causing havoc and┬ámayhem, we are invited into his mind to watch him on a surrealistic vaudeville stage where he does a good deal of narration (see the animation above). Thankfully this breaks up what could have been 90 minutes of bashing after violent bashing, and brings a certain light-heartedness to an otherwise distasteful subject. This also serves to let us in on his madness; let’s face it, I’m pretty sure that Charlie isn’t the full quid if you know what I mean.

So if you like your films with a mix of violence, dark humour and vaudeville, plus a dash of full frontal Tom Hardy nudity, I can certainly recommend Bronson.