I’m a bit surprised to learn that my top 25 most played tracks on my iPod consists mostly of Regurgitator. I’ve been hunting down and collecting all the Regurgitator CD singles I can find and ripping them off to MP3. The CD singles have tracks which I haven’t been able to find elsewhere, and some of them are pretty damned good. But mostly I’ve been grooving on Jingles, apparently with ! (The Song Formerly Known As) played 99 times.

The list:

! (The song formerly known as) by Regurgitator, Album: Jingles
Walk This Way (Boom Boom Booty Remix) by Aerosmith
Happiness by Regurgitator, Album: Jingles

Blubber Boy by Regurgitator, Album: Jingles
Fat Cop by Regurgitator, Album: Jingles
Crush The Losers by Regurgitator, Album: Jingles
Better Than by John Butler Trio, Album: 2007 Triple J Hottest 100
Everyday Formula by Regurgitator, Album: Jingles
#1 Crush by Garbage, Album: Singles
Cosmic Girl by Jamiroquai, Album: High Times
Just Ace by Grinspoon, Album: Just Ace
Confusion by New Order, Album: Blade Soundtrack
Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai, Album: High Times
Straight Lines by silverchair, Album: 2007 Triple J Hottest 100
Rip It Up by 28 Days, Album: Rip It Up
How Soon Is Now? by The Smiths, Album: 1989 Triple J Hottest 100
Superstraight by Regurgitator, Album: Jingles
Black Bugs by Regurgitator, Album: Jingles
1979 by Smashing Pumpkins, Album: Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
A Small Victory by Faith No More, Album: Who Cares a Lot?
Lotion by Greens Keepers, Album: 2004 Triple J Hottest 100
Freshmint! by Regurgitator, Album: …art

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