Masterchef was totally cooked

Julie Master ChefWhat a rip. Julie won only because she was the cuddly underdog, the housemum who took on all the pros and beat them by cooking lovely home meals. What rubbish. The show has cut it’s own throat and bled out any credibility it might have had. They will not be able to sell a book on how to cook lamb roasts. Poh’s exotic background, style and looks are more marketable than Julie’s, I think. They let Julie ride right through the whole show when I think she probably should not have been there in the first place.

Not that I intently watched the whole series, mind you. I saw the first couple shows and then lost interest and just caught a few bits here and there. I watched a couple bits from the final 3-4 shows and was surprised to still see Julie. I was convinced about 2 weeks ago they’d already chosen their favourite. She could have served up uncooked dog poo and still won.