Our 2012 Italian Grand Prix meal

So for the thirteenth round of the 2012 Formula 1 World Championship, we went with Pasta Carbonara using bacon, parmesan cheese, onion, cream, egg and black pepper. With a side of garlic bread and salad. It was rich, like evil rich. But it tasted great.

Current championship leader “He who must not be named” must be pretty chuffed with the result. Despite finishing third (and being out qualified by a flying Massa) he actually extended his lead in the championship rankings by thirteen points by virtue of Red Bull finishing outside of the points. Not a bad race, and it was good to see “Checco” Perez in the hunt right at the end with some good tire strategy.

Mark Webber better get a wriggle on if he hopes to rein in the leaders. He’s had some less than inspiring results since re-signing a few months ago.