10 potentially good Sci-Fi movies coming in 2012

Find a list here at DenOfGeek.com.

My thoughts:

  • Total Recall is one of those love/hate movies. I can’t decide which, but I think this one is doomed to fail. I kinda thought Mars was almost central to the plot of the original movie, but Mars isn’t part of this reboot. But then again, Mars wasn’t part of PKD’s “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale”.
  • Whoa whoa whoa there, sparky. Michael Chabon is doing the script for John Carter? Hmmm. The previews have it looking like every other generic sci-fantasy actioner. But now it sounds like it has the potential for a lot more.
  • I’m excited for Prometheus but the promo photos worry me. Everything looks so neat and clean, particularly the ship. Granted, a single photo isn’t enough to base a good opinion on, but the Alien movies were amazing in part because everything was gritty, dirty, and looked like a scary place where you wouldn’t want to be even if you weren’t in space. If you take that element away, it is just a monster movie.
  • Iron Sky: Hell YES!