US stuns Canada

OK, so everyone reading this should know that I’m backing Canada in the Olympics, and particularly the Canadian Ice Hockey team to win gold. While I was out performing my civic duty today, Canada was playing USA in what was hyped to be the showcase game of the round robin series. In fact, while my ass was sitting in the Juror Selection Room at the Perth District Court, they had the
TV on and I could see the countdown to the start of the game. I needed to look away in case the game started because I knew that I couldn’t finish watching it, and I knew that I’d be distracted and fidgety if and when I actually made it to a jury without being challenged.

In the end I wasn’t chosen to sit on a jury, which is kinda lucky because the one I would have been chosen for was an underage sex case. I would have been uncomfortable, so better someone else than me.

So, after being dismissed I raced home to see if my scheme of recording the game to my laptop hard disk had worked. Happily, it had and it was still recording. That $20 Hi Def Digital TVĀ USB dongle I bought was a good investment. I could see that the game was still in progress, and I almost managed to avoid seeing the score. But not quite. No matter, I just needed to block it out, fuggeddaboutit for about another hour until the game had finished.

Anyhow, the game finished around the time we needed to pick up the kids from school. We brought them back, and I convinced Jett to sit down with me and watch the big game. I told him Canada and America were playing in a very important game, so of course he informed me he was going for America. I informed him that he was out of the will. We switched the game on, and settled down.

48 seconds later, USA had scored. This did not bode well. This isn’t the way it was supposed to be. Jett was cheering, but for all the wrong reasons. This was the first game he had watched, and the first goal he had seen scored. It wasn’t Canadian, and he was cheering like a madman doing his little dance.

It’s said that Olympic teams often have trouble meshing in a limited number of games. Well, Canada is going to have an extra game to get it right. I don’t want to detail my experience watching this game, suffice to say that there was much punching of pillows, swearing at the TV and throwing any loose objects I could fine across the room (don’t worry, after the first goal Jett had given up on the game and was playing out the back only running back in when my cheering or groaning grew too loud). They ended up losing the game 5-3 which was the first time USA had beaten Canada in 50 years. The Americans seized first place in Group A with nine points, earning a bye to the quarterfinals. Canada finishes with five points and will have to beat Germany to reach the final eight. Off their victory over the Czechs, Russia is looming in the quarters.

I put the blame for this loss squarely at the feet of coach Mike Babcock and his decision to run Martin Broduer ahead of Vancouver CanuckĀ Roberto Luongo, who had come off a shutout against Norway in the first game. Why wouldn’t you run him in the biggest game of the round in front of his home crowd?