2010 Sports!

Where all the white women at?So first off, let’s get Tiger Woods out of the way. I, for one, am going to cut Tiger some slack. Publicly admitting to an affair only after it would be impossible to deny it can’t be an easy thing to do. As for the little accident he had when his crazed wife came at him with a 9-iron, the police fined him $164. That’s one hundred and sixty four United StatesĀ dollars, people! Where’s it going to end?! Leave the man alone! Two of the more recent (alleged) Tiger Woods mistresses to emerge work in the porn industry. Not what the family counsellors had in mind when they advised him to seek professional help in dealing with his problem. At the end of the day, he’s a complete amateur compared to former NBA star Wilt Chamberlain. When told that Tiger had cheated on his wife with at least 10 different women, Wilt wanted to know “What night did that happen?”

Soccer BabesAnd, onto the soccer. I actually watched the World Cup Finals draw last weekend on SBS and it made for quite riveting TV. That’s something I never thought I’d hear myself say but after Australia’s involvement in the last world cup I am quite excited. Australia is in Group D along with Germany, Ghana and Serbia. Germany is probably the favourite in this group but I don’t think they’ll have it all their own way and may end up dropping a game to Ghana or even Australia. I think the best Australia can do is finish second in this Group but they’ll need hard work and a bit of luck. If they can advance to the Round of 16 again, I’ll be happy. At least the Americans have no hope of going through, same as 2006 where they pretty much made up the numbers, though they did tie with eventual winners, Italy. And it’s nice that North Korea is there but too bad they won’t score a point. Group G is just brutal. Aside from North Korea, all those teams could advance. Brazil is going to have to man up. I would not be surprised if the Ivory Coast makes the second round, and Brazil or Portugal does not.

canada-bikiniBut first up next year is the Olympics, and it’s in my home country. There is no place I’d rather be next February than in Vancouver. I’m most interested in the hockey, but I also get a kick out of most other events including Biathlon, Ski Jumping and Freestyling. I remember driving through Calgary towards the end of 1987, when they were preparing for the 1988 games. On top of this smallish mountain were two strange looking structures. I could not fathom what they’d be at all. The people I was riding with told me they were ski jumps, the ones they’ll be using for the Olympics. I thought it was just awesome how anyone could be brave enough to climb that thing, ski down the ramp and jump off it and fly 100m through the air! You’d never catch me anywhere near it. I can’t be there and watch it all live, so I’m doing the next best thing; taking two weeks off and watching it all on TV. Well, at least the Hockey playoffs.

Yeah, I’m in a sexy thumbnail mood.