My thoughts on the 2012 election results

Hey folks, so America voted Black and they certainly didn’t go Back. Not for another four years anyhow. And not for an idiot who looks more like an actor President than a real President with his dapper good looks, dazzling white teeth and perfectly coiffed hair.

America chose the lesser of two evils, thankfully, but this just highlights the weakness of their system.

This should have been a slam dunk for Romney, so how did he mess this up so badly? From his $10000 bet, to the binders full of women, to the 47% of America he dismissed, it just seemed a never ending series of gaffes and cringe-inducing idiocy. Never mind his history and how he built his fortune by profiting from the misfortune of others which, to be honest, was brought up less than it should have been. He just seemed like an oily, sleazy, Wall Street shark. A less lovable version of Gordon Gecko, and hopelessly out of touch with the America he wants to run into the ground and profit from.

The future of live events

Around 8 million people tuned in last night on YouTube to watch Felix Baumgartner’s amazing space jump from the Red Bull Stratos balloon. This record beats the last record by a factor of 16, being the London 2012 Olympic Games.

This is the future of live events. When something is allowed to broadcast free of geographic restrictions and artificial tape delays, the audience goes global. When traditional media is allowed to converge with social networks, anything can become a shared moment.

Fantastic job by YouTube, being able to handle such a huge amount of bandwidth seamlessly.




I don’t care if he’s a Church member. He’s a rich good-ol-boy lookin’ to make another buck. He’s being drowned in campaign contributions from Wall St, so who do you think is going to call the shots if he gets elected? Every time history repeats itself, the cost of the lesson goes up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Obama fan either. The only candidate I was even remotely drawn to was Ron Paul, but it looks like he’s been squeezed out a corrupt system.

You gotta hand it to Anonymous

Protest schemes that don’t cost the participants any inconvenience, hardship or money remain the most popular, despite their ineffectiveness.        -Snopes


Its true. Protesting rising fuel prices by boycotting petrol stations on a certain day achieves absolutely nothing. You’ll just buy the petrol a day earlier or a day later, and it allows speculators to profit if they know there will be less demand one day.

Changing your profile picture on Facebook will not stop child abuse.

Signing and online petition or blacking out your web site will have absolutely no effect. Not unless you’re a significant player like Wikipedia, perhaps.

This is action. This has a chance to get things fixed. This is how voices are heard.

Raising awareness is a great way of feeling good about yourself without actually doing anything.