Similar Items Shopper popup removal

Lately I’ve had this cursed “Similar Items Shopper” popup appearing when I browse shopping sites like or I can’t tell you how annoying this is, but I finally found the source and I’m sharing in the hopes of helping others out there avoid suffering the same rage I’ve experienced.

The cursed popup appears when browsing Amazon

Similar Items Shopper popup

Another example of the Similar Items Shopper popup, this time at ebay

After trying various virus scanners and finding no relief from this annoyance, I found that the source of the ads is the New Tab Page extension for Chrome, which is a shame because it’s a sweet little extension that mimics Google Now.

To remove it, go into Menu -> More Tools -> Extensions. The New Tab Page extension has an option to Disable Ads. Check this box and you’re set. No need to restart, no need to reboot.

Disable Similar Items Shopper

Disable this guy

In fact you should probably check each and every extension for this option. If the popup still appears, then disable all extensions. At this point you’ll know whether or not the extensions are responsible and you can start turning them on again one at a time. Feel free to send appropriate feedback to the extension developer via his web site or via the Google Chrome store.

Hope someone gets some use out of this. You are welcome.