I have Klout

Apparently I have a Klout score. And so do you, but you might not know it yet.

I am better than you.

After listening to the “Download this show” podcast and reading this article, I’ve found that some people actually take this whole Klout thing seriously.

For those not in the know, Klout helps you measure your online influence, a social media vanity score if you will. The more people you interact with online using services like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare the higher your score.

But when Big Ben’s twitter feed gives a Klout score of 48 from simply posting “Bong Bong Bong” automatically on the hour, I’m skeptical of the analytics and result. And even the point.

My first personal music player

Behold, my first personal music player, which I laid down $800 for in 1996. The trusty Sony MZ-R30 Minidisc! Why Minidisc didn’t take over and rule the world is still a mystery to me.

Sony MZ-R30. The R stood for "Recording"

To copy an album, you’d link your MD recorder up your CD player using a cable. I used a digital TOSlink cable I payed $80 for, essentially a short fibre optic cable to carry the digital out signal from the CD to the MD.  And just like cassettes of old you’d press play on the CD while pressing record on the MD. Mine was super cool because I didn’t have to go back and add the track breaks later! And I had the fun of using the cool jog wheel to title the album and each of the tracks!

Back then, new music albums cost $25-$30. I figured I could buy blank MDs for about $2.50 each from Japan in bulk (blanks retailed for around $8-10 locally in Perth) and hire music from the old CD Library in Wellington St. I was friendly with the staff there and they’d let me hire 15-20 discs at a time instead of the usual 5. Anyone remember the CD Library? I think they had a branch in Fremantle too.

Looking back it would have been a total mindscrew to know that in 10-15 years Minidisc would be dead, and dedicated MP3 players would largely be a thing of the past as playing music is now an ancillary mobile phone function. But that’s the nature of consumer tech.

My thoughts on the 2012 election results

Hey folks, so America voted Black and they certainly didn’t go Back. Not for another four years anyhow. And not for an idiot who looks more like an actor President than a real President with his dapper good looks, dazzling white teeth and perfectly coiffed hair.

America chose the lesser of two evils, thankfully, but this just highlights the weakness of their system.

This should have been a slam dunk for Romney, so how did he mess this up so badly? From his $10000 bet, to the binders full of women, to the 47% of America he dismissed, it just seemed a never ending series of gaffes and cringe-inducing idiocy. Never mind his history and how he built his fortune by profiting from the misfortune of others which, to be honest, was brought up less than it should have been. He just seemed like an oily, sleazy, Wall Street shark. A less lovable version of Gordon Gecko, and hopelessly out of touch with the America he wants to run into the ground and profit from.

Happy fifth birthday, Android!

Well, sorta. There are different dates for different things. On September 23, 2008 the Android Developers Blog announced that Android 1.0 SDK release 1 was available. Then, on October 28th, 2008, the first commercially available Android phone, the HTC G1 launched. And lastly, today, is the birthday of November 5, 2007, when the Open Handset Alliance announced that Android was in the works.