Our 2012 Indian Grand Prix meal

A pretty unimaginative, but tasty, Balti beef curry meal with some home made puppadoms and Narn bread.

It was a fairly sedate race on a very fast track. Tire play didn’t really come into play as the Pirellis didn’t have anywhere near the degradation they suffer on other tracks for some unknown reason. Vettel cruised to victory from Pole, while Mark Webber dropped second to Alonso about three quarters of the way through due to faulty KERS. It extends Vettel’s lead over Alonso to 13 points with three races remaining, which makes for a very exciting last few races!

On Tolerance

Something I picked up on Google Plus today:

Inigo says: You keep using that word, “tolerance” …incorrectly. He’d tell us to look it up and try again, but it’s been changed. I wasn’t even aware until tonight (I guess I’m a rotten word nerd). It always irked me when people said it in a sentence because I always thought, “What? I need to put up with that? Don’t you mean ‘embrace’, ‘empathize’ or ‘give leeway to’?”. Stay with me, folks.

See, years ago, Miriam Webster defined “tolerant” as: “To bear or put up with someone or something not especially liked.” With that in mind, doesn’t it seem really silly that in 85% percent of cultures around the world, tolerance is the #1 virtue? Nowadays, modern dictionaries define it as “sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one’s own”. What happened? Have we become so wrapped up as a society with being PC about stuff, that words are being fucked with?

With me still? Good. Here’s the lesson:
Classic tolerance has nothing to do with accepting another’s belief, only his or her right to have that belief. True tolerance respects and accepts individuals without necessarily approving of or participating in their beliefs, values, or behavior. Respect for the viewpoints and practices of others is not the same as agreement or moral endorsement. It simply means the ability to hold on to one’s convictions while accepting the right of others to hold on to theirs.

“I detest what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write.” -Voltaire

The future of live events

Around 8 million people tuned in last night on YouTube to watch Felix Baumgartner’s amazing space jump from the Red Bull Stratos balloon. This record beats the last record by a factor of 16, being the London 2012 Olympic Games.

This is the future of live events. When something is allowed to broadcast free of geographic restrictions and artificial tape delays, the audience goes global. When traditional media is allowed to converge with social networks, anything can become a shared moment.

Fantastic job by YouTube, being able to handle such a huge amount of bandwidth seamlessly.



Our 2012 Japanese Grand Prix meal

Obviously, Sushi.

F1 SushiGrosjean was up to his old tricks, taking out competitors on the first corner. This time it was poor Mark Webber who started 2nd behind Vettel. Further back in the field, but actually before Big John’s idiocy, Alonso got put into the kitty litter on turn one.

Vettel went on to win with Massa (of all people) coming second and Kamui Kobayashi picking up third in front of his home fans, the first Japanese podium since Aguri Suzuki in 1991. Good on him, I hope his success continues. The upshot is that Vettel is now only 4 points behind Alonso on the leader board and is gunning for three championships in a row.