Our 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix meal

This weekend was the Bahrain Grand Prix, and all political mumbo jumbo aside it was a good opportunity to try some more exotic food that we haven’t experienced before. I called around the the guys in our Bahrain office and asked them what good, traditional Bahraini food is. They threw around a lot of names I couldn’t pronounce, but indicated that they eat a lot of fish, meat, rice, and dates.

In the end we went for our take on Ghoozi which is lamb with rice and various spices, plus egg, onions and a few other things. Suzanne also made a killer Tabbouleh, a salad made from cracked wheat called Bulgur plus onions, garlic, mint and lemon juice. It was a bit strong for my taste, but it’s enjoyable in small amounts. We also had a bowl of dates as dessert.

As for the race, Mark Webber again managed fourth while Daniel Ricciardo, who started his Scuderia Torro Rosso from sixth, finished in the high teens well out of the points. Vettel took the flag, and while Kimi and Grosjean were pushing late in the race they were unable to take control of the race. Poor McLaren had a very bad day indeed with a comedy of errors in the pit (twice!) costing Hamilton dearly, while Button limped into the pit on the last lap dragging a broken gearbox.

My political persuasions

I took a test at http://politicalcompass.org to find that I am mostly leftist (as defined by them) and mostly balanced between being Authoritarian and Libertarian:

Economic Left/Right: -4.62 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.87

To compare me with other world leaders:

I'm most like Ghandi

And to compare with the 2012 US Presidential candidates:

I always thought I identified with Ron Paul on a lot of issues and would probably vote for him. To be fair, a lot of these questions aren’t all that valid for an Australian audience and aimed mostly at US voters who tend to have black and white extremes with no middle ground.

Our Chinese Grand Prix meal

Tonight we had steamed Soy/Ginger chicken, steamed Bok Choy and fried rice to celebrate the Chinese Grand Prix as part of our Taste of the Race. Nico Rosberg had a blinder of a race, putting the Rosberg name on the podium for the first time since 1986 when his dad Keke came second at Monaco. It is also the first time a Mercedes chassis carried a Mercedes engine to a win since the great Juan Manuel Fangio in 1955.

Chinese Grand Prix meal

Mark Webber managed fourth, again beating team mate Vettel. He had a new strategy to preserve his tires later in the race



More than meets the eye

This is a little project I finished a while ago. I bought this non-working Panasonic cassette/radio from eBay for about $10 a couple years ago.

I then ripped the guts out and padded it with neoprene I bought from Clarke Rubber and used it as a case for my iPod.

OK, no I can’t control the iPod without opening the case. That takes a little more electronics skill than I possess. There isn’t enough room to make use of the existing headphone jack and port it through to the iPod, so I had to drill a hole. On the plus side, the silver locking mechanism you see on the bottom left still works, and it’s covered in sexy orange reflectors and just oozes 80s appeal. It’s pretty cool and gets some strange looks from other passengers when I’m on the train.