Starting a new tradition is easy

In an effort to introduce ourselves and our kids to new culinary sensations, we’ve started observing what we like to call the “Taste of the Race”. It involves two of my favourite things: food (of course) and Formula 1 Grand Prix motor sport. We picked this idea up from

The idea is that for each race on the 2012 F1 calendar we will attempt to cook and consume a traditional dish from that weeks host country. We discussed this at one of our family meetings one night, and everyone thought it’d be a good idea. We’d get to see an exciting race while chowing down on new and exciting food.

I told the kids about some of the countries hosting races, and immediately got some “ok” suggestions. Pizza for the Monza, Curry for Delhi, and Poutine for Canada. I’m sure with a bit more thought we could have something more exciting than Macdonalds for the US Grand Prix though, even if Macdonalds is the best food America has to offer.

Some countries will be a challenge. What is a typical dish from Monaco? What do they eat in Bahrain? How about Abu Dhabi? It’s all part of the fun, though, researching where all the countries are and what people like to eat. I told the kids I can ask my workmates what good Malaysian, Chinese and Korean dishes would be good.

For the first race in Melbourne, we chose the traditional Aussie meat pie and sauce!

F1, meat pies, kangaroos and Red bull cars

I hope to have pics of next weeks meal from Malaysia.

New iPad Review

I’m just mentioning the new iPad so that I can double my hits overnight. I have no content, and nothing to contribute. But I expect my ad revenue will be through the roof by the end of the day. Well, maybe not. But I’ll be able to see a blip.  I’ll also add that the new Apple iPad will feature a high-definition screen and an improved processor. Furthermore, any subsequent mention of the new iPad in this article—as well as any mention of the fact that preorders for the device start today—is resulting in increased reader traffic and, thus, increased revenues for your company’s ad-based business model.

New Apple iPad review and technical specs

New Apple iPad