AFLPA reject billion dollar offer

This is ludicrous. I understand that AFL is a pro sport, but it’s a game. Disguising greed as the right to ask for better pay and conditions is really insulting to the fans. True, there’d be no AFL without players but the same can be said for coaches, commentators, televisors and sponsors. And fans. The timing of the AFLPA play at getting more when their snouts are already in the trough is obvious. The average player salary is already over $220,000 or around $10,000 per game, and they want more to keep ahead of inflation? The AFL team salary cap is over $8million, with a floor of around $7.6million. This doesn’t take into account veteran wages and other loopholes which can increase individual pays by around a third.

Really, they can’t cry poor. At least they’re not striking, but threatening to cover the AFL logo on their jumpers this weekend just reeks spoilt greedy children.

When I see 95% conversion of set shots no more than 35m and 45 degrees from in front of the goals, maybe then they can ask for a productivity-based raise. Or when they start playing mid-week and 80- games per season.