The unholy stench under the kitchen sink

Our 6-month maintenance has finally come around. This is where the builder of your new home contacts you and asks if there’s any new issues such as cracked walls etc. We have a couple:

  • Water doesn’t want to drain from our shower, sometimes. This probably means that the pipe has collapsed and is filling with sand. It occasionally gets washed away because the water sometimes does drain.
  • The front door seems to be sagging, so the locks are difficult to operate because the bolt doesn’t line up with the recess and the door tends to stick. This can make it difficult to open the door in the winter because it’s usually dark and nobody thinks to leave the light on for me when I come home from work.

There’s a few minor things, too, which aren’t worth mentioning. I’m happy with the brick- and plaster-work because I haven’t found any cracks in the walls so far. Man, our previous house looked like it was on a fault line because there were so many cracks.

Bu there was one minor issue which we thought we’d let the builder know about. From day one there seemed to be this strange, sour smell coming from under the kitchen sink. We’d take out the pots and pans to take a look, but never found anything. We’d take them out again a few days later to scrub it all down with cleaning agents to try and mask the smell. We’re both pretty easy going about things, but this was really driving me nuts. Since we couldn’t find anything obvious we concluded one of two things: it was either the glues used to stick the benchwork together, or tradesman had left his lunch underneath one of the panels and it had been sealed in. Either way there was nothing we could do.

We thought we’d throw it into the 6-month maintenance to see what the builders could do with it. We might be lucky. To give someone in their office a laugh we described the problem as:

  • Unholy Stench emanating from underneath kitchen sink

Indeed, when the maintenance guy called back he went through each of the points one by one saving this one for last. “In all my time as a maintenance guy, I’ve never had to deal with anything like a “Unholy Stench” before”. This had been passed around the office, he said, and everyone had had a good laugh. He knew exactly what it was right away, and it is easily fixed but he was surprised that hwe had put up with this Unholy Stench for 6 full months. What can I say? We really had no way of knowing what it was or how to fix it, so we thought we could manage and get by.

Anyhow, it’s all working out in the end.