A trip to The Maze

We took a drive out to a place called The Maze for Jett’s 6th birthday treat. From where we live it’s quite a hike but it was a good day. It was forecast to be 39 degrees today, and I wasn’t too keen on running around outside in the heat but your sixth birthday comes but once in a lifetime and it was his choice. We needed to attend the school open day first in the morning in full school uniform to meet and greet the teachers and other kiddies, and once we left the school it was already 35 degrees.

After a stopping for lunch and a couple wrong turns (it’s always helpful to have accurate maps in your GPS) we finally got there. It’s a nice little setup, with 5-6 mazes and some bird and animal enclosure including a Koala habitat. Witness our mad navigating skillz in the first maze:

We eventually did get through the first maze. And without cheating!

The second maze was a challenge, made of a grid of pine trees using fence wire as walls. You could see right through the entire maze but it didn’t help because you couldn’t necessarily see the walls and plan your moves. You had to actually go the whole way down a length to see if it really was a dead end. This is where I demonstrated to the kids my mad crazy “left hand” method where you keep your left hand touching a wall at all times. You might go over your tracks, but you should eventually make it out.

The next maze was call the “No Left Turn” maze, where you could only make right hand turns. No lefties, and no U-turns. The kids made it through real quick, but I’m pretty sure they were still coming to terms with what a left hand turn actually means. See here for an example of what I mean, but these guys had one mapped out in a 20m x 20m area of miniature hedges.

It’s right about this time that the heavens opened and it started raining. We waited undercover for the koala enclosure to open where we found that Koalas sleep 18-20 hours a day and wake only to eat. I tell ya, these guys are living the dream.

It was still raining so we thought “Why not?” and topped it off with some wet weather Frisbee Golf which was also on offer at the park. Witness our wicked awesome Frisbee abilities:

They call me “The Tiger Woods of the Frisbee Golf World”. You know, without all the chicks, money, fame and stuff.