Top ten music mashups which shouldn’t work, but do

Music Mashup is the musical genre encompassing songs which consist entirely of parts of other songs. It’s the art of taking parts from two or more songs and creating something greater than the whole.

It’s very hard to get this right. In a lot of cases it’s impossible and they often end in indescribable and unlistenable disaster. The beats are all wrong, the lyrics don’t match the intensity or tone of the music, or perhaps there’s too much going on at once to let it work properly… the list goes on.

But once in a while you get a gem. The parts all fall together and you think, “Man, that’s fantastic. Why didn’t I think of that?” Sometimes the result is so good people won’t even understand that these are two radically different songs mixed together. “Uh, so what? It’s just another song”

After hours of research these are some of the best examples Music Mashups where you wouldn’t expect the result to work, but it so so so does. Who would have thought Metallica would go good with Lady Gaga?

Metallica and Lady Gaga:

Jackson 5 and Nirvana:

Van Halen and John Lennon

Iron Maiden and The Monkees

Daft Punk and Beastie Boys and Capsule

Nine Inch Nails and The Beatles

(If rude words offend, then don’t watch it. I’m serious)

James Brown and Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith/RUN DMC

ZZ Top and Pink

DMX and Ghostbusters

(Caution. Rude words)

Johnny Cash and Cypress Hill

Bonus: Queen and Black Sabath, performed live by an Australian Queen tribute band

The lament of a guy whose wife has no taste in movies

I like movies. Everyone likes movies. But I really like movies. I’ve liked movies since I can remember. When I was young, like 6 or 8, my mum would take me to the movies and drop me in at the cinema and pick me up afterwards while she did her thing. Since it was the 70s and there were no suburban cinema complexes, we’d have to go into the city to see movies. That usually meant me having to get dressed to the nines because “you can’t go uptown if you’re dressed like that“.

When I was older I’d make my own way into the city to see movies. It was quite an adventure planning a journey myself. I’d have to get the newspaper and find what time the movie was on. Then I’d have to plan it backwards so that I’d get off the train with enough time to buy tickets before the movie started. Which meant that I’d have to get the train that left Midland at this particular time, which in turn meant I’d have to get this particular bus which stopped at Midland interchange and connected with that train.

Later on came the super mega-plexes which dropped 8-16 cinemas within biking distance from home, providing a dizzying choice of movies. Most of the time a pinball parlour was attached to the complex which provided extra skills enhancement opportunities.

Up until the time I was married I usually saw 2 movies a week. Certainly never less than one a week. It didn’t matter if it was a blockbuster, or some obscure art-haus movie. It didn’t matter if I was with friends, or alone. I just had to fulfill the need to go to the movies because I liked it and I dig movies.

The first thing most romantic couples do is go to the movies together, and Suzanne and I were no exception. But one thing that she admitted to me early on in our relationship was that she had never seen Star Wars. This should have set alarm bells off in my mind. I mean, it’s 1999! Who on earth had never seen Star Wars? But I was in love and willing to make exceptions and see past these seemingly unforgivable issues. I decided that we’d have a movie night in at her place and I’d bring my trusty, well worn VHS copies of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. When I got to her place I learned that she had only a small black and white TV. The warning bells became militarygrade claxons, but again I was being led by emotions and not thinking straight. We got through them, but it was like she shrugged and said “Meh”. I bit my lip and hid my shame well.

After we got married our movie-watching habits changed, of course. We’d go out less and less and stay at home with a video more and more. Suzanne usually let me pick the movie to watch at the cinema or the video to watch at home. It’s not like I wanted to maintain control of what we watched or anything like that; Suzanne was often reluctant to pick the movie so it just fell to me to make the decision. But there was one relationship-defining moment in history where Suzanne had her movie-picking privileges revoked forever.

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Brazil F1 GP was fantastic

It was Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend in Brazil yesterday. Due to the difference in time zones I wasn’t able to watch any of it live, but I did watch the qualification replay on Sunday afternoon and let me tell you it was one of the most entertaining and impressive qualifying battles I have ever seen.

Coming in to qualifying, we saw a mixed bag in practice with Robert Kubica posting the fastest Practice 3 time, but Vettel had the fastest time overall with a 1:12 in Practice 1. This is all pretty meaningless but can be a good indicator on driver mindsets and team improvements since the last race.

Q1 saw the usual suspects drop out, along with Adrian Sutil in the Force India. Sutil laid a lot of the blame on his teammate, Vitantonio Liuzzi who he accused of blocking him every inch of the way along the track. I’m not sure he was right and he probably should have found something else to blame in front of the cameras but at ultimately he found himself sitting out Q2.

The surprise of Q2 was defending world champion Jenson Button finding himself in P11, and watching another nail in his 2010 coffin being hammered into place. without a win this weekend he had no chance of remaining in contention for the championship.

And so the stage is set for the final showdown in Q3.  It had been wet all morning, but it was starting to dry up and Kubica was the first to fit slicks with 4 minutes to go and this is when qualifying just came alive. He suffered a little bit being the first, but everyone followed. Hulkenberg set a fast time and was mid range in P6 but as expected Vettel, Webber and Alonso bumped him down. Then Hulkenberg posted an amazing lap to take provisional pole. Everyone had at least one more lap and while they improved their own times, they were unable to beat Hulkenberg.  But Hulkenberg had one lap left and went round like a man possessed and managed to post an even faster time than his last hot lap. He just completely pasted everyone, and along the way did great things for his career and next years contract. It was amazing to watch.

All the other drivers (except Alonso, boo Alonso) congratulated him and you could tell it was all heartfelt and genuine. It was interesting and exciting, but Hulkenberg’s performance didn’t really have any bearing on the championship at this point and nobody lost out on anything because because he got pole and would get a clear track. One commentator said it was “a curve ball, but not a monkey wrench”.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be a fairytale for Hulkenberg, as duing the race he was overcome by Vettel and Webber before the end of the first lap. To his credit, though, he didn’t get lost in the moment and do something foolish like find the wall on the first corner. He succumbed to Hamilton and Alonso a few laps later and managed a respectable eigth.

Vettel ultimately won the race, with Webber second, Alonso third and Hamilton fourth. Button, who needed  a win to remain competitive, finished fifth. It was daylight to the also-rans with 20 seconds between Button and 6th place Rosberg.

Once the points were distributed, it still left Alonso in the lead but Webber took a small bite out of it. Vettel moved himself the third ahead of Hamilton:

That gives us a very exciting final round in Abu Dhabi next weekend as any one of these four can take it. It’s a long shot for Hamilton as he’d have to rely on a win and the other three not finishing but, as Hulkenberg showed in Brasil, anything is possible. For Webber to win the championship, he has to win Abu Dhabi and have Alonso finish no better than third. If Webber wins and Alonso is second, Alonso will win by one point. If Vettel wins, with Webber second and Alonso fourth or more then Webber will share the championship with Vettel which isn’t such a bad result. If anyone other than Vettel wins and Webber comes second, then he has to hope that Alonso finishes fifth (in which case Alonso and Webber share the championship) or worse (in which case Webber takes it).

Too bad Red Bull have no standing “team orders” like Alonso benefited from in Germany where Massa was told to let Alonso by with a few laps to go. The thing is he wasn’t told outright, but given an encoded message while leading along the lines of “Alonso is faster. Do you understand?” Nudge nudge, wink wink. This is illegal and shouldn’t happen and as we can see it becomes tremendously important towards the end of the season. So, here’s hoping for an Abu Dhabi win for Webber. In speaking to various fans it’s pretty obvious he’s the sentimental favourite. I’ll be glued to the TV next weekend from Practice right through to the chequered flag.