Cookin’ with gas

BigpondSo I’ve finally got the Internet on at home. It’s only been a month, but not all the delays are Telstra’s fault. We made a number of phone calls to the rent managers over about a week asking the owner would pop the $299 and get the phone connected. It’s an improvement I’m making to his property, and I really think he should bear this cost. Nothing doing. So it took me a week to get the phone on. Then, once we had the phone connected, we could get the Internet connected. Suzanne made the call to do this and after half an hour of being bounced around from place to place (this “Velocity” product they have must be new so nobody really knows who to send inquiries to) she was told that I’d need to make the request since the phone was in my name only. When I connected the phone I specifically asked for Suzanne to be added as an authorised person, but they said that the Internet is an add-on product and she was authorised only for the phone product. The rest of the time was spent waiting for the router to be delivered.

The software installation was easy enough, but for some reason I couldn’t get outside the Bigpond network. It only took 8 minutes from the time  I dialled to the time I was speaking with the tech support dude. I remember working at iiNet… we would get busted bad if we had anyone in the queue for more than 30 seconds, and if we let the phone ring more than twice. Anyhow, this guy was pretty abrupt and unhelpful, so I hung up and did what he probably should have advised from the beginning: I rebooted, and that seemed to do the trick.

Whew, now to get my RAID disks up and running in my NAS. Formatting 3000 GB of disk will likely take the best part of an hour. I’ve opted for RAID 1, just because I want to and just because I can. It’ll mean my docs and files are kept safe if a disk ever dies, and because it’s a Network Attached Storage it will be accessible from everywhere.