Natalie gets married

Natalie Wedding dayWow, it has been a week since I have blogged. I’ve been trying to keep up with at least twice a week, but because I haven’t had Internet at home my opportunities to take a few minutes and bang away at the keyboard have been limited.

So, my sister got married this weekend. She’s now Mrs Reynolds, married on 28-Nov to big Dave. Dave’s a great guy. He’s tall smart and handsome, so he’s a lot like me. Joking aside, I can see myself in him in a few ways. He’s an engineer so he’s got that logical mind. He has a good memory so he’s good at quiz nites. He’s willing to sit down and chat with anyone about most anything and I’ve seen him and my Dad have good discussions about Church stuff.

I first met Dave (as far as I can remember) about the time Jett was born, in the beginning of 2005. He came in to the hospital with Natalie and had a camera handy. He took some photos home and used some editor to make a little movie to the tune of “Beautiful Boy” by John Lennon which kinda impressed me.

Over the years I could tell they were getting closer and since he seemed like an alright guy I think the family was hoping that he was “the one”.  At the end of last year Dave ended up doing the traditional thing and asking Dad’s permission to marry Natalie.

The wedding was at the top of the Bell Tower which, while a bit ostentatious for my taste, was nice and went well. Ashton was the flower girl and Jett was the ring bearer. It was a loooong day for both of them to complete their small tasks but they both did really well. The reception was across the road at a restaurant and again went well. It was good mingling with some of Natalie’s older and newer friends as well as family members I hadn’t seen in a while. Natalie put us up in the Novotel Hotel overnight so we could get together for breakfast in the morning which was a treat.

So here’s hoping to a long and happy marriage for Natalie.