Star Wars Zombies

The Living Dead Strike BackSome cute images I found on the interwebs. I like that the Emperor is pretty much unedited in Episode 3, Revenge of the Zombies. From Wikipedia: “A zombie is a creature that appears in folklore and popular culture typically as a reanimated corpse or a mindless human being. Stories of zombies originated in the Afro-Caribbean spiritual belief system of Vodou, which told of the people being controlled as laborers by a powerful sorcerer. Zombies became a popular device in modern horror fiction, largely because of the success of George A. Romero’s 1968 film Night of the Living Dead.”

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101 countries

No, I haven’t visited 101 countries. My blog has had hits from 101 different countries! This is since June 2009 when I installed the current counter. Granted, most of the hits are from looking for pics but looking at other data there is a decent percentage coming in as referals from and from other sites, so I’ve got my SEO-fu on at least. This all adds up to a couple hundred google ad impressions which might mean that the domain name will be paid for by the end of the year. Can’t argue with that.

Finally moved in

Overloaded car So, I’ve driven a total of about 1700km since Friday to move my family around 60km. How does that work? Well, we did a bit of back and forth with a borrowed trailer and we also did a couple trips with a rented Avis truck. Somehow these trips all added up. We had to juggle this with having the kids with us for most of the time so a few of the trips weren’t exactly optimal.

But, everything is finally down there now so we are calling South Yunderup home. I can’t find an online street directory which has our new development yet, so it’s going to be hard for me to show you. Most online street maps don’t even have the new Perth-Bunbury highway. Same thing happened when we moved into Atwell, which was our previous address. We’d have people come to visit us and we’d usually get a phone call about 15 minutes after the appointed time from the person we were meeting claiming that there’s no such place as Atwell in his street directory. It’s what you get for moving into a new area, I suppose.

We have a triage in our living room of stuff we are keeping, stuff we might be able to keep if we really want to, and stuff we are throwing out. I have to keep an eye on this third pile because I’m likely to find most of my collections there soon. It’s a mixed blessing that we do not yet have our bins delivered.

Oh, yeah. This is a brand new house. Nobody has lived in it before. Here’s the list of things wrong already:

  • We have no bins. What do we do with the rubbish?
  • We have no front door key. How do we let people in to our house?
  • Until this morning we did not have gas bottles. Cooking and showering is a pain in the ass without gas.
  • The laundry sink is plugged up. The water doesn’t drain. We can’t wash our clothes.
  • The plumbing leading to the dish washer leaks. Our first ever experience with a dish washer was ruined because some of our electrical goods were sprayed with water.

It’s Thursday now, so we have had the keys for a week. Not really good enough. The neighbour kept going on about how difficult it was to tune the TV, but because it only took 3 clicks on the remote to rescan the channels I decided that our neighbour perhaps isn’t at all technologically minded.

During the move I found myself developing this deep south, redneck country bumpkin accent which came out every so often, and had Suzanne laughing in hysterics. I won’t go into some of the ruder and more crass language that I’ve used, suffice to say that I should repent before it’s too late. But, it seemed funny and was a bit of a pick-me-up during the repetitive drives we did. I wouldn’t ever let my kids hear it. So, kids, when you read this after I’m long gone I hope that you aren’t too disappointed to know that your Paw used a coupla cuss words some time.


So we’re moving this weekend. It’s interesting seeing my life in boxes. And it’s a battle keeping Suzanne from wanting to throw everything out. Perfectly good stuff which we aren’t using exactly now, but which will probably be indispensable at some time in the future. “We can always buy another one,” is the familiar argument. “We ain’t got no money to buy another one, and why buy another one when we have a good one here?” is the familiar retort.

Then there’s my “stuff”. My collections of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, trading cards and whatnot. I dig this stuff, it’s part of what makes me “me“. I don’t think Suzanne really gets that. I think it’ll be better when we have built our next house and I can have my own room or study, so until then it’s gotta remain in boxes in the garage but I know she’d rather put it out on the verge or in the recycling bin.

Leaning to the left

swollen_kneeSuzanne has somehow buggered her knee up and can’t walk on it. She went to a Melbourne Cup lunch party with the school mums yesterday and came back completely legless, but she wasn’t drunk. Buggered if she knows how it happened, but she can’t walk on it. She might have to have a bit of physio on it if she’s going to be healthy enough to start lifting boxes and furniture when we start shifting house later this month.