Weekend trip

So we had a drive down the new freeway past Bunbury to Dunsborough over the weekend to visit my parents. Not a bad trip, and it was a little quicker than usual. We saved half an hour on the freeway, and managed to not stop on the way at MacDonalds which also saved time. We had planned on leaving on Friday around lunch time, but a spur of the moment thing after dinner saw us leave that night. I am normally a little apprehensive about driving down there at night, but the new road is a lot safer.

We did a few tourist things, and also watched Geelong win the Grand Final. I was backing St Kilda. It was so close for the whole game but Geelong managed to win by two goals. One came after the siren, and one goal they allowed was clearly hit the goal post and should have been a point. A bit of a heartbreak for St Kilda, but they’re well positioned for next year.

We also sold our house last week. Or rather we got an offer for the price we wanted so we accepted it. There’s a small chance it’ll fall through, but not likely. We’ll count our chickens when they hatch. We are looking to move to a suburb called South Yunderup which is near Mandurah, near where Pinjarra Road intersects the new freeway. Rentals down there are cheaper than up here, and now that the train and freeway extend down there it’s not like it’s too far out of town. I do still need to get to work after all.

So on our way back from Dunsborough, we stopped off at the sales office to see what’s left. There’s some decent blocks, and the display homes look nice and affordable too.

Stay tuned for more developments. Something else might come up. <le sigh>