Darth VaderSo after last years disaster of mdwebhosting.com.au losing all my SQL databases, and therefore destroying my existing web sites, I have finally got my replacement up and running. I’ve called it DarthVaderFigures.com, and I’ll be adding two or three items to it every week until it’s all done.

Rather than a gallery, it’s in the form of a blog. You can get the RSS feeds, “Follow” on Twitter and everything! When Google Wave is out of Beta, I’ll see how I can use it because it looks very exciting.

DarthVaderFigures.com is run by an international group of Star Wars collectors who’s focus and passion is Darth Vader action figures. Their collections include regular garden-variety carded figures, as well as foreign carded figures, exclusives, signed figures, prototype and custom figures. If you enjoy collecting Darth Vader action figures and have something to contribute then please let us know.