A big weekend in sports

Monza Italian Grand Prix curcuitI’d love to have the time to sit in front of the TV this weekend, order pizza and do nothing but watch sports. It’s AFL finals time tonight with Bulldogs v Lions in the 2nd Semifinal (AFL has a really idiotic Finals naming system) and Crows v Magpies tomorrow night in the 1st Semi. The winners move on to next week’s Preliminary Finals (these should be the semis) ┬áto see who ultimately moves on to the Grand Final. I’m tipping Bulldogs by 20 points tonight, and Crows by one million points tomorrow. Not because I like them, but because I dislike Collingwood.

Then, after the footy, the qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix at Monza begins, with the race proper on Sunday night in glorious HD. With Webber and Vettel about 20 points behind Button, it is imperative that Red Bull gets a win and that Brawn crashes out on the first turn. Two weeks later is Singapore, the only night race but still timed perfectly so I can watch it live.

The NFL also starts this weekend and I’ll be doggedly defending my third placing in the last three seasons against the guys at potf2.com in the NFL Fantasy League. Not bad for an aussie who doesn’t know his Line Backers from his Tight Ends. American football isn’t my cup of tea, but I have fun in the Fantasy League. I might even try and watch a game this year.