A Trip to the Museum

We caught the train into the city last week and had a look at the WA Museum and the State Library. The traditional picture in front of the butterflies included me for the first time. Fancy that.

I try and get the kids out there (and to the zoo, Scitech, Underwater world etc) at least once a year to stimulate their little minds and get a hands on feel for the world around them. It’s all well and good seeing things on TV, but being able to see, hear and feel things always brings up the most interesting questions. For example, the kids thought the killer whale skull was definately a lizard of some kind. Probably a dinosaur. But then why would the dinosaur have just one eye? And when they saw the Rosetta Stone, they asked how kids did homework and art when all they had were stones. Wouldn’t they be too heavy to carry around all the time?