2008 SL02 Saga Legends Darth Vader, Canadian card

Saga Legends SL02 Darth Vader on Canadian cardI received good news today. A friend of mine in Canada has secured for me a Saga Legends SL02 Darth Vader on Canadian card, and is searching for the SL06 Darth Vader. This meansI won’t need to source them from ebay.ca at higher prices, and he’ll do his best on postage and packaging as well. He did this as a favour partly because I bribed him greased the wheels by sending him some of those Australian pancake plushes found at Woolworths for nix. But he probably would have done it anyhow if I’d asked. This will be the first Star Wars action figure I’ve bought since new year.

Webber wins in Germany

Mark Webber wins German Grand Prix What a day for Webber! He was so far ahead when he served his drive-through penalty on lap 14 for his brush with Barrichello approaching the first corner that he was able to rejoin still in the lead. Five laps later his first refuelling stop dropped him to eighth, but once he regained the lead on lap 33 nobody could touch him and he sped home to a popular triumph. Vettel had a tougher time after losing ground behind the KERS cars of Kovalainen and Massa early on, but good strategy helped him to climb up to second for Red Bull’s second consecutive one-two and their third of 2009. Both drivers moved ahead of Barrichello in the drivers’ world championship, and with 92.5 points the team are fast catching Brawn in the constructors’.

Webber qualified on pole for the first time in F1 at the Nurburgring for the German Grand Prix on Saturday, 11 July. This was the first time an Australian driver had claimed pole position since Alan Jones in 1980. He went on to achieve his first F1 victory despite the drive thru penalty early in the race for causing an avoidable collision at the start when he hit the Brawn GP of Rubens Barrichello. Webber went on to dominate the race and win ahead of his teammate Vettel, heading a Red Bull 1-2 and closing the gap on the Brawns in the constructors championship. Webber moved up to 3rd in the drivers championship (his best position in his Formula One career) after his win, passing Rubens Barrichello in the championship and stood behind Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel. I was glad to watch it live on One HD, but after I heard he had the penalty I was so close to going to bed. I’m glad I didn’t. Good on him.

Boofhead Barry Hall

Barry Hall strikes Brent StakerVillage idiot Barry Hall finally realises that the football field is not the place for him and gracefully retires before he manages to somehow get himself a lifetime ban. How many times can one be banned for striking and not get a harsher penalty? He says his inability to prevent himself snapping on-field prompted his retirement from the Sydney Swans yesterday. Is he a child?

By the end of his 250-odd game career, Hall has been charged 15 times and has spent 24 games on the bench. That is 10% of your career watching your team mates try to pick up your slack because you’re an imature idiot. The latest incident, during his 250th career game in round 13, cost him a two-match ban for punching Adelaide’s Ben Rutten. But this is probably the highest profile incident in recent years which scored him a seven match ban.

So instead of being remembered as a fair to mediocre full forward, he’s going to be remembered as the psychopathic time bomb who could snap at any time. Good riddance. The game will be better off without your random assaults, Barry Hall.

And to be fair, that’s just what his fights are. They are assaults which would get anyone else landed in front of a jury. If I went and randomly belted someone in the street I’d get hauled off in the police wagon. Barry does it in front of 40 thousand witnesses, in front of the TV commentators, in front of the TV cameras and his employers give him a couple weeks off work.

German Formula 1 Grand Prix

German Grand Prix NurburgringI’m looking forward to the German F1 Grand Prix this weekend. It’s been a while since the British GP, so I’m quite excited. It’s at Nürburgring which is a great track, but what I’d really like to see if F1 racing 10-15 laps on the Nordschleife course again. I’ve made up my mind that I’d like to get a PS3 Formula 1 game and race these tracks myself.

Internet business

Blank Facebook Profile PictureI’m assisting mum and dad with their internet presence which will in turn help them with their new Internet business. This involves setting mum up with her own domains, Gmail, Facebook, a Blog, Youtube, and perhaps a couple other sites like Twitter. It’s going to take a while to learn the concepts of some of these sites but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

The Internet business they’re getting into takes a bit of getting my head around but they’re fairly confident that, through hard work, they can make it work and turn a profit. I wish them good luck and god speed. Hopefully with hard work and dedication and some support from me and Suzanne on the technical aspects they can make it work.

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!This might be a day early for my Canadian friends, but it’s the First of July where I live, so Happy Canada Day! Most people who know me also know that I was born in Canada. Since I’ve only been to Canada a fewtimes in my adult life, the question I often ask myself is “Am I Canadian?”. Well, it’s a hard question to answer I think and it depends on a lot of things and it mostly comes down to who I’m talking to and the situation I’m in.

If I am overseas, say, for work in California then they will easily identify me as Australian (or sometimes New Zealander or, heaven forbid, South African) and it’s just easy to accept it and agree and go with the flow. “Yeah, mate, I’m Australian”. If I’m meeting new people locally or online then, yeah, I’m Australian. If the conversation moves in the general direction of “Tell me more about yourself,” or if I’m trying to find something about myself which is different or unique, then I’ll explain that I am, in fact, Canadian. And naturally during sport events such as the Olympics, the Rugby World Cup and other events where both Australia and Canada compete, I will always back Canada before Australia.

I’ve tried to explain to the kids they they are half Canadian also, but they aren’t buying it.