On my way

Adsense - Making me millionsI have a couple side projects going which I’m putting a little time into in the hopes of making some residual income. My strategy so far has been to develop mostly static reference web pages. I’m into Sci-Fi, so I figure why not go with a booklists (novels, novellas, etc) of favourite Sci-Fi shows. Obvious ones are Star Wars, which has a heap of EU material, and Star Trek, which I’m mostly unfamiliar with but I’ll learn, and a couple others which I’ll eventually work on. Once I have things set up, there won’t be that much work to do; I just have to keep a look out for new releases and include them on my site which will be easy.

Turns out the current book lists for these two shows is more than 100 books each which is going to take plenty of time to colate, so I made the decision to go with a popular series of books called Twilight. There’s only four books, but there’s scope for DVDs, posters, toy action figures and the like.

So I’ve deployed a WordPress blog and developed the site, added content, registered a couple domains, signed up as an affiliate with the likes of Amazon, Poster Planet and even Google Adsense. I’m proud to say that it is paying off! I logged into Google Adsense this evening and found that I have made an impressive grand total of 1c!  Woo Hoo! Once I make it to $20, I think, Google sends me a cheque which I bank, thankyou very much.

It’s small fish, right now, of course. I’m not planning on retiring any time soon.  I have an idea for a more interactive web site which I want to model on another favourite haunt of mine which is very successful. That will come after the other booklist websites I am working on (see the links in “My Sites” on the right hand nav bar when they come on line). Tweaking the headers and meta tags is probably the hardest thing to do in this whole exercise, and that wasn’t all that diffucult. Search google for “Twilight Book List” and you’ll see me in the top 10 sites. A bit more refinement might see me in the top three. Google Analytics tells me I’m popular in New Zealand and Latvia, of all places.

What are you waiting for!? Check my site out, click the Google Adsense links adverts, and buy some stuff at Amazon.com using my convenient links! Tell your friends and family. You won’t find these books any cheaper!