Boofhead Barry Hall

Barry Hall strikes Brent StakerVillage idiot Barry Hall finally realises that the football field is not the place for him and gracefully retires before he manages to somehow get himself a lifetime ban. How many times can one be banned for striking and not get a harsher penalty? He says his inability to prevent himself snapping on-field prompted his retirement from the Sydney Swans yesterday. Is he a child?

By the end of his 250-odd game career, Hall has been charged 15 times and has spent 24 games on the bench. That is 10% of your career watching your team mates try to pick up your slack because you’re an imature idiot. The latest incident, during his 250th career game in round 13, cost him a two-match ban for punching Adelaide’s Ben Rutten. But this is probably the highest profile incident in recent years which scored him a seven match ban.

So instead of being remembered as a fair to mediocre full forward, he’s going to be remembered as the psychopathic time bomb who could snap at any time. Good riddance. The game will be better off without your random assaults, Barry Hall.

And to be fair, that’s just what his fights are. They are assaults which would get anyone else landed in front of a jury. If I went and randomly belted someone in the street I’d get hauled off in the police wagon. Barry does it in front of 40 thousand witnesses, in front of the TV commentators, in front of the TV cameras and his employers give him a couple weeks off work.