Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!This might be a day early for my Canadian friends, but it’s the First of July where I live, so Happy Canada Day! Most people who know me also know that I was born in Canada. Since I’ve only been to Canada a fewtimes in my adult life, the question I often ask myself is “Am I Canadian?”. Well, it’s a hard question to answer I think and it depends on a lot of things and it mostly comes down to who I’m talking to and the situation I’m in.

If I am overseas, say, for work in California then they will easily identify me as Australian (or sometimes New Zealander or, heaven forbid, South African) and it’s just easy to accept it and agree and go with the flow. “Yeah, mate, I’m Australian”. If I’m meeting new people locally or online then, yeah, I’m Australian. If the conversation moves in the general direction of “Tell me more about yourself,” or if I’m trying to find something about myself which is different or unique, then I’ll explain that I am, in fact, Canadian. And naturally during sport events such as the Olympics, the Rugby World Cup and other events where both Australia and Canada compete, I will always back Canada before Australia.

I’ve tried to explain to the kids they they are half Canadian also, but they aren’t buying it.