Cosmic Motors

Some of the finest examples of concept cars and digital design I’ve ever seen can be found at Cosmic Motors. I’m just blown away by the appearance of these vehicles, and the realistic settings, props and chicks. This is exactly the kind of stuff I have wanted to get into ever since I got out of Uni; design and render cool futuristic vehicles. Animation isn’t so much part of that desire, and while I can see that it’d be a natural extension it would introduce rather a lot of complexity.



Getting old

So I had another crap game last night. I didn’t score, but I did get 8-10 rebounds including 3-4 offensive boards. I copped a pass right square in the nose. I don’t know if it’s because the pass was fast of if I was slow. But I really do feel lethargic and stuck in molasses when I’m on court now. Not like when I was young, at all.

<sigh> It’s going to take me quite a while before I become fit and get any skillz back that I used to have in spades.


I’m a bit surprised to learn that my top 25 most played tracks on my iPod consists mostly of Regurgitator. I’ve been hunting down and collecting all the Regurgitator CD singles I can find and ripping them off to MP3. The CD singles have tracks which I haven’t been able to find elsewhere, and some of them are pretty damned good. But mostly I’ve been grooving on Jingles, apparently with ! (The Song Formerly Known As) played 99 times.

The list:

! (The song formerly known as) by Regurgitator, Album: Jingles
Walk This Way (Boom Boom Booty Remix) by Aerosmith
Happiness by Regurgitator, Album: Jingles

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Since buying those cheap and nasty boots from Big-W last week, I have been longing for some proper footware. I’ve decided that I want to get so Dr Martens boots, probably the 8 hole variety though I might go for the 10 hole. I don’t care if they look punk or goth or emo or whatever, I’m not in it for that. I need some comfortable boots. I resoled those cowboy boots that I nicked off dad a couple years ago, but he nicked them back. That’s probably the last time I wore boots, but they were so nice. Problem is these Dr Martens cost about $200. If I can get into a store and size them, I can probably get them from ebay for half that which will make my wallet happier.


So, I had a better game last night. I managed 4 points, 8 rebounds, 3 steals and a couple blocked shots. Apparently we have a bit of history with the team we were playing, and I did see a little bit of that with some rather aggressive fouls being committed against us. I feel like I am improving a little bit, but I am still pretty uncoordinated with lots of ball fumbles and dropped passes.

New Shoes

So, I bought a new pair of shoes last week for the first time in about a year. I went for some boot style footwear this time around, and boy has it been a mistake so far. My feet get really hot, and for some reason the mother of all blisters has formed on my left heel. I made the mistake of taking the skin off it, but so far it has not succumbed to infection.

I see two solutions: First, don’t wear those shoes again. That will mean a waste of about $24 which I can almost live with. Second, invest in some kind of in-shoe footwear like fluffy socks (mine are threadbear which probably contributed to the formation of the blister) or moleskin or elastoplast or polypropeline or some other kind of wicking fabric, although I don’t think moisture was a factor.

I’ll hit Target today during lunch.