Obama Inauguration

I’m waiting for this inauguration. I think it happens at noon, which is midnight here since I’m 12 time zones away. Might be worth staying up to listen to it. Bush has buggered the world up so much, everyone is pinning their hopes and dreams on Obama to fix things. He might, but it will take longer than 4 and maybe even longer than 8 years.

My own concern is my own welfare. I need to hang onto this job above all else. Not sure if we should rent or buy if and when we move. If we rent, it will mean we will not have spent the money from the sale of our house so we can survive a while if my job dries up. If we buy, we have no such safety net.

I think that we are both like minded in thinking that moving a bit out of town to the likes of South Yunderup is a good idea. It’s well placed being not-too-far from Mandurah which is a large hub with shopping and the train, and there’s also the Bunbury Highway which will open soon which will mean a faster trip to Perth and Dunsborough to visit both our parents.

Then again, maybe we should move to Canada, or Singapore. Less security and more unknowns, but it would be more exciting and might help the kids grow emotionally and academically.

My Birthday

OK, so I’m 39 today. I didn’t want to do much so Suzanne and the kids picked me up after work and we had a sushi picnic up at Kings Park. I got a bunch of happy birthday well wishes from work and, as always, from the guys at POTF2.com.




I’ve finally discovered the “Cloud”. There are a few implementations including Windows Live from Microsoft, and the whole Google thing. So far I like Google of which Blogger.com is a part.