Olympic Games

So the Olympic games are over for another year. I love the Olympics. We went down to mums place and watched the openeing ceremony with them on their projector TV. Too bad that the TV isn’t Hi-Def. I think it would have been a bit better on ours. Either way, the opening ceremony was a blast. I tried to get Ashton and Jett interested in the gymnastics and athletics. Ashton is near the age where she might have good memories of such events and become motivated to take up something she likes.

Most memorable moments for me:

1) Seeing Russian Gymnast Konstantin Pluzhnikov fall off the rings right onto his head.
2) The Boomers dominating Lithuania.
3) I was heartbroken to see the Opals lost again to the US .
4) Angel Valodia Matos kicking the Tae Kwon Do referee in the face after being disqualified in the Bronze Medal game. Seriously, what was he thinking?
4) Usain Bolt. These were his games. Michael Phelps did well winning eight gold medals, but Bolts performance was greater.
5) I was just, what? Confused? At the London 2012 bit in the closing ceremony.

That said, I can’t wait until 2012. Or even Vancouver 2010.