MDWebHosting are idiots

I seriously need to find a new web hosting place. A few months ago they managed to lose a domain for me. Apparently it was because I paid the invoice late. It turns out the reason the invoice was paid late was because it was generated late.

So I paid it, thinking that my domain was safe and that’d be it. But one morning I find my domain pointing to some other rubbish parking service.

The domain was never renewed, so someone else registered it and I’ll never get it back without paying a lot of unnecessary bucks. Lucky it was a throwaway test domain and not a critical one like During the same week they managed to lose all my SQL databases including the galleries I had been running. It took me years of work to set those up and I was very disappointed. Luckily the mailing lists and aliases remained intact which is positive. It shows I need to take responsibility for backing up my own work and not relying on a bunch of clueless idiots.

Been a long time since I blogged

I’ve got so much to learn at work. We are constantly releasing new products, and upgrading old products with new functionality and bugfixes. It is hard to keep up a lot of the time. I’ve been given the week off tech support rotation so I can invest some time in product familiarity. Nothing like taking a call on a product you haven’t even seen demonstrated let along used yourself.

Ashton’s ears are still hurting her, even after two lots of surgery. I really hope for her sake that they will heal soon. She is reading pretty well now for her age, so we are going through some harder stuff with her. I think she will soak it up and will start filling her little brain up with information and knowledge.

I keep forgetting Jett is only three and I’m still trying to get him into recognising letters and numbers. He can count to ten, but I’m not sure he fully understands the concept of numbers. The Dr Seuss books I kept from my own childhood have been very helpful.