Politically correct Valentine’s Day message

“Please accept with no obligation my nonsexually harassing, potentially platonic Valentine’s regards as a token of my/our love, lust or friendship within a relationship that we may or may not choose to be monogamous, whilst understanding that the romantic sentiment that it signifies does in no way guarantee the success or progression of the said relationship over any length of time. The sender reserves the right to remain anonymous.”

School days

Ashton had her first day of Pre-Primary this today, and Jetthad his first day of Kindy. I am so proud of them both. Ashton was a little concerned about one of her little friends so she helped her through. She is very excited about going to school and learning. She has a lot of experience with school because of Primary.

Jett also had a good day. He didn’t cry once, and pretty much took it all in his stride. All that time spent in Nursery has been good for him. He is excited, and has been excited for a few days wanting to go with his new Bob The Builder bag.