Chiropractic magic

Suzanne went for a run for the first time since I’ve known her last night. It’s amazing. Up until now she would not have even thought about jogging because of her foot which would have given her too much pain.

She puts this turnaround to seeing a Chiropractor for the last couple weeks. The theory is that the body is self healing. The brain sends messages to the organs so they can fix themselves. But, if your back is out of alignment it will be pinching and cutting off the all important nerves so the messages never get through.

Suzanne had her back cracked a few times now, enough that the nerves to her feet are open. It looks like the theory holds true because she no longer has pain in her foot, even getting up the courage to go for a short jog around the oval.

Last week she took me to a short presentation from her Chiropractor and apparently the practice will cure all that ails ya, and I mean everything. Hard to believe but seeing her return from a jog is pretty good evidence that the theory is sound.