Cronulla RiotsThe riots in Sydney on the weekend are the first manifestation of a disenchanted, disaffected, and dissatisfied people wanting to claim their culture back (whatever the Australian culture is). It’s small things that add up over time which have lead to this. For example, when we are told that we shouldnot celebrate Jesus Christ or Santa at Christmas because it might offend our non-Christian immigrants, people will feel animosity towards those people for having part of their culture taken from them. I think people are tired being told to accomodate and overcompensate for other cultures in the name of political correctness. People are tired of having things taken from them.

The riots started after Lebanese gang members assualted some surf life guards. Lebanese “rape gangs” have been operating for a while. These were racist crimes. They were hate crimes. The rapists chose their victims on the basis of race. You can expect this to happen for so long without the targetted people wanting vengence. This is why the riots started.

They continued the next day due to drunken hooligan idiots, but I beleive we’ll be seeing more riots in other cities soon.